Whizz Kid Entertainment

Whizz Kid Entertainment is a high-profile established independent production company based in the heart of London.

The company is trusted producer of prime-time entertainment in a range of genres for all the major UK broadcasters and enjoys an enviable track record in format origination, high-quality output and access to major talent.

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Prank Pad

Prank Pad is the brand new shameless, riotous and laugh-out-loud reality show which sees YouTube-style comedy pranks in a competition format.

10 Pranksters move in together and must have the stamina, guts, cheekiness, sneakiness and craftiness to compete against each other as this bunch of loveable rogues do everything they can to annoy and out prank each other. After 8 episodes, who will be the last one standing, and the winner of a £10,000 prize.